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Sugared In Naples is part of BodyWellness of Naples LLC which also offers Massage, Contemporary Cupping, Specialty Facials and Red Light Laser Therapy Bed all in our beautiful 1200 sq ft wellness center in the city of Naples. Come explore our other services on sister website,

Treatments & Pricing


*** New Clients *** In order to get the best benefits from your services, please make sure hair is at least 1/4 inch long (grain of rice) before booking your service. Please refrain from shaving for 2 weeks before your appointment. 

*** It is very important *** to maintain exfoliated and hydrated skin for your best sugaring results. Exfoliation should be done up to two days before appointment time and up to one day before arm/ leg sugaring where dry skin is most prevalent.  Skin should be moisturized daily and most definitely on morning of appointment. Feel free to stop by our wellness center and purchase home care products before your appointment as needed (enjoy 30% off with your first Sugaring Treatment!)

Current waxers should wait 3 to 4 weeks before first sugaring appointment. 

Current sugarists will determine their schedule based on  personal experience and progressive slowing of hair growth/ return. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for your free consult. All services listed are Unisex unless otherwise indicated.

Enjoy 30% off  home care products with your first Sugaring Treatment!

Lower Body:

Bikini Line $45

Deep Bikini (Men or Women) $65

Brazilian (Full, Women Only) $80 OR

$65 (within 6 weeks) & Stomach Strip included by request

Inner Thighs & Hips $30

Full Legs $110 OR $80 (within 6 weeks)

Lower Legs to above Knee $70 OR $50 (within 6 weeks)

Buttocks $30/$45

Upper Body:

Full Arms $40

Lower Arms $30

Under Arms $30

Full Chest $35

Chest Strip $25

Full Back $55

Half Back $35

Stomach $30

Stomach Strip $25

(Included no charge with Bikini or Brazilian)

Face/ Full Face:

Full Face & Masque (Option to

Dermaplaning Tx) $95

Full Face & Masque

with Brows $115

Brows $30

Upper Lip $20

Chin $25

Sideburns or Neck

(Women Only) $25


Women Only $300  OR  Including Full Face $365 

***additional charge of $55 may be issued for over 6 weeks growth for Legs/ Brazilian ***

For Men, a la carte 10% off.   3 or more services, 1 session

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